...And so it begins.

FEBRUARY 4-7, 2021

Our team came together for the very first weekend in person to discuss and go over the first draft of the Sandbar, move forward with development, and assign next steps to each team member.

Pictured Left to Right: (foreground): James Mathews (Director), Josh Whites (Co-Producer, Assistant Director), Heather Mathews (Producer, UPM), Reed Edwards, Renee Lee, Kevin Lee (Art Director), and Mark Moehle (Cinematographer/DP). Not Pictured: Sara Simmons (BTS Photographer).

Josh Whites, #sandbarthemovie

Josh Whites shares his insight about what brought him to this team and shares his journey to how he got here on this project.

Mark Moehle, Cinematographer shares about the scope of the project in terms of how the audience should feel while watching the film and how we are portraying that through the camera lens.

You can see the edited version of this content on the "Our Team" page of The Sandbar portion of the website.

DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT IMAGES (We do not own these images)

Images That give us the feel of what the Sandbar should look and feel like to the audience. (We do not own these images.)


February 6,2021

Cody Mathews, Stand In. Camera Test. Shot in Oxford, MS on the Red Cinema Camera.

Thanks for visiting our very first blog! We will be posting Development, Preproduction, Production and all follow up to the filming of SandbartheMovie and all the latest can be found here as you follow the making of this movie.

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