The Sandbar Creative Team

I was born and raised in Mississippi...grew up living what I call “The Goonies” life, playing along the forests and shorelines of the Mighty Mississippi, collecting pieces of stories from my experiences and surroundings. Today, those “pieces” are the basis for many of my stories, particularly The Sandbar. I pursued my passion for filmmaking and worked in the Los Angeles film industry under notable directors including Clint Eastwood & Sam Ramey. From there I went on to bring my experience back to Mississippi and start my own production company in 2008, and since, have directed and produced TV, Film, Commercial, Documentary, & Corporate Projects for clients in the Mid South and beyond. My passion for story and pursuit to “get the story right”, sets the stage for a team centered mindset and leadership throughout the creative process. Currently, I am responsible for the daily operations of my film and video production company, Mathews Film Company, based in Oxford, MS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   JAMES MATHEWS, DIRECTOR

"Organization has always been my strong suit.  Getting the job done is top on my list as well, but getting the job done right and under budget is priority.  Managing all different size and types of production throughout my 14+ years of experience in both corporate and film work has taught me that teamwork makes the dream work. Finding the BEST skilled teammates to round out your team is the key to success and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of the skilled team of artists bringing this project, The Sandbar, to life.  My greatest joy is my family and getting to share life's successes with them. I am a proud wife to my husband, Jamie, and, also, mother of three beautiful children and we live, work, and play in the beautiful community of Oxford, MS. At the present, I manage the daily operations of Mathews Film Company.    

                                                                                                          HEATHER MATHEWS, PRODUCER

"As a child I always loved a good story, whether it was in comics, movies, or animation.  Growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s,  I was captivated by Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and classic Disney films.  To continue my love of storytelling and hone my skills, I pursued a BFA from Delta State, still hungering for more,  I continued on to Full Sail University for an animation degree.  After college, I did freelance work in graphic design, advertising, independent short films and videos to continue my love of storytelling.   To share my passions and inspire others,  I taught figure and observational drawing, storyboarding, drawing for animation at Full Sail University.  With my move to Nashville TN, I continued to teach at the Art Institute and add to my skill set with 3D, modeling and Photoshop."                                                                                    

                                                                                                                    KEVIN LEE, ART DIRECTOR

Like most 80’s/90’s kids, my childhood was shaped after what I saw in films. Goonies, Sandlot, ET, ghostbusters, etc gave me a thirst for adventure and the appreciation of just how important a great character driven story can be. They gave us the courage to take on the world. As any story should. As a 13 year veteran in the film industry, I have had success both behind and in-front of the camera. As a Producer, I have produced over 40 projects, including award winning features, documentaries, music videos, short films and commercials. As an actor, I have starred, co-starred, and guest starred in over a dozen films and tv shows. I firmly believe that people are thirsty for films that are character driven. People fall in love with films that are real; films that feed adventure, films that make them feel, and films that capture imagination. Remember how the firework scene in sandlot made you feel? Yeah, let’s get back to that."

                                                                                                      JOSH WHITES, CO-PRODUCER

"Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, while having a love for movies I was on a very different path. While pursuing a criminal justice degree, to meet an arts elective credit I took an intro to film course and my life changed forever. From that day on I dove into all things film. It took a while for me to find my place in the film world. While realizing that film was my calling I began working in all aspects of film, from boom operator, grip, directing, sfx, to working my way from a production assistant all the way up to 1st Assistant Director. It was not until I picked up a camera that things truly clicked. I moved to Mississippi after graduating to begin my career in film. After a few years of learning and making connections, I decided to make the classic filmmaker move and head to Hollywood for a few years. While there, I ended up working more back in the southern U.S. (Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas). So now I find myself living in the south once again. Currently working as a video producer for Rabbit Hole Distillery, as well as working as a freelance cinematographer on music videos and feature films. My love is telling stories through the lens and finding beauty in every shot and angle."                                      

                                                              MARK MOEHLE, CINEMATOGRAPHY/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY