Development and Preproduction of The Sandbar



ART by Kevin Lee, Art Director





"The Sandbar is a survival film framed around a young boy who must survive the Mighty Mississippi River and that in itself really determines a lot of how the film is going to look and feel. In order to show his struggle, scope, and the power of the Mississippi, we are going to stay on wide angle lenses, ranging from a 14mm at the widest to maybe a 50mm, but for the most part living in the 24mm range. This will bring some perspective and reality to the challenge our main character is facing, young boy in a very real big world. "


The River Wilderness.TheSandbar
River wide lens.TheSandbar

We are going to be filming The Sandbar in Llk DCI on a RED Digital Cinema Camera, which lends itself to feeling more like film with a touch of grain rather than digital while still giving you amazing control over all aspects of the image. The color palate will be vibrant and draw from the river itself, The RED camera's color science is perfect to capture what nature has already made beautiful, from the deep greens of the forestry around the river, to the blue skies, to the dark muddy Mississippi itself. 

One of the biggest challenges we have with this film is building the river into the monster it truly is. For some reason in past films, it is always portrayed as a calm Tom Sawyer like lazy Sunday river. It is not, it has rough water with massive swells and is filled with debris, and very dangerous. If you find yourself in a bad situation on the river, there is no conquering it you can only hope to survive it. To get that point across there is only one way to do that, getting into the water. Wetsuits and waterproof camera rigs are going to be used extensively, to help build that tension.